Anne & Shaz

Hi there, my partner & I live at Parker & if given the opportunity would like to speak about how we are currently being impacted & the impact should the plant go ahead.

 We moved to Parker from the city centre (7yrs ago) preparing for our retirement (I am 64yrs & my partner 61yrs) after looking for 18mths.

What attracted us is what everyone else has talked about (living in the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges, safety, community, quite, dark, no exit road & of course the heritage).

 Since realising what Watercare have planned for our street we have been deeply affected – poor sleep, anxiety, concern for our future & concern for our close neighbours who we have grown very fond of over the years.

Knowing there are families that have been here for generations & are in the “Red Zones” leaves us feeling sick, knowing how attached we are to Oratia, after living here for such a short time in comparison.

 If the unbelievable happens & watercare go ahead with this WTP in our street our fear is that our beautiful environment will quickly become an industrial site & we will no longer feel comfortable living here & in all likelyhood not be able to afford to move. So as others have already said “where to we go?”..

Anne & Shaz – Parker Rd

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