Bennett backs water plant opponents

Opponents of a proposed water treatment plant in west Auckland now have the backing of Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett.

Council-owned water company Watercare is considering taking over 12 to 18 properties in Oratia to build a replacement to the 90-year-old Huia plant.

Bennett, who has lived in Oratia for the past eight years, opposed the plan at a public meeting last night.

She’s not allowed to interfere in Watercare’s decision but said she’ll be watching to make sure proper processes are followed.

Bennett said the proposal won’t just affect a few people; it would be a blow to the whole community.

Watercare said community opposition would be seriously considered when the board discussed the issue next month.

– Newstalk ZB

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Could someone give me a call. I ordered a t shirt two weeks ago. Just wonder if they are in yet. Carol
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Hello neighbours ... just wanted to share a wee moment with you all 🙂. Over the last few nights my family have been lighting the lights in the tiny houses down at the church and turning them off at around 10 pm. These beautiful wee houses were the amazing idea and creation of Tulsi ,Danielle and the Save Oratia team. For me they are the perfect symbol of what our fight was all about.... thank you so much ..... Tulsi you are amazing !!!
Tonight when we went down to switch off the lights, Stephen just started with the first light "goodnight Gash whanau" and then "goodnight Masons"... "good night Williams whanau" .... and so it went on .... the Goldsmiths ... the Campbells.... the Viskovich family .... Julian and Sue .... Pranil and Gitsha .... "goodnight Watts whanau"... "goodnight Wrights" .....and so it went ...with us saying goodnight to all our neighbours.
Needless to say they were happy tears!!!!
Goodnight Oratia 😘...sleep tight xxx
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