History Of A Parker Rd Residence

Charles and Charlotte Mills moved onto 7 Parker road after they emigrated from England in 1893, it was a farm of 40 acres.

The youngest of the Mills family was Amelia, whom we believe was born in the little cottage.

Amelia married Richard Thomas Malam in 1907 and moved across the road to 24 Parker road where a cottage still stands.

The Marsich family moved into number 7 in 1938

Anthony Marsich and his wife Zuka, daughter Eileen, sons John and Brian aged two, moved onto the property, they had lived for a short time in the house that Mr Cordina now owns.

They had originally settled in Dargaville from Croatia. Anthony had been a gum digger for a while before moving to West Auckland. The farm at number 7 was 20 acres of orchard, mainly apples, plums, peaches, vegetables and a small number of grape vines. Anthony made his own deep, strong red wine as many did in those days.

Tragedy was to strike the family with Zuka dying two years after they had moved in and Eileen was to die of a brain tumour in her teens. Anthony passed in his early eighties, leaving the two brothers John and Brian on the land.

John drove the school bus for many years, he lost a leg to illness as a young man and finally died 29 years ago. He never married.

Brian continued to farm the land, selling his produce to Turners and Growers and through his small stall at the farm gate.

In the 1950’s a young girl from Rotorua moved into 33 Parker road with her family. Brian and Lorna became girlfriend and boyfriend, although Lorna later married elsewhere, she continued her lifelong friendship with Brian.

When Lorna’s husband, Ron Aitken died eleven years ago, Brian and Lorna rekindled their romance and married six years ago. He often gave her roses he had grown. They had many adventures and family joy during the last decade, sadly Brian passed away last September and he is fondly remembered and greatly missed by his family spanning the Aitken and Stone families.

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