My name is Teal Williams.

I am unfortunately one of the many children, and a member of one of the many lovely families that could possibly be affected by the water treatment plant.

Watercare, why did you choose such beautiful place where kids run barefoot freely from house to house, garden to garden, treehut to treehut, bush to bush, and above all, family to family? I am 12 years old. I listen and try my best to understand all the technical words and somewhat confusing conversations at each and every meeting. Although all this, I still dont know the answer to the previous question and I want to…. NO, I NEED TO.

I was born in a small flat next to parrs park. I dont remember it much as I only lived there for two years before looking up at my parents building my current home. As I grew up I watched the big vine grow around the roof of my home. I watched our white painted floor slowly scrape away and our new wooden floors put in. I watched the trees that my family and I planted grow into a big bush of Kauri, flax, pohutukawa, and many more. I love my home.

The Oratia/Parker Road community is one that you will search hard to find anywhere else in Auckland.. even in New Zealand, and one that should be treasured.. not demolished by some stupid concrete water treatment plant.

Here’s my question to you: Is putting the water treatment plant in Parker Road really worth the hassle and the fight that Oratia will never give up on??

Please stop the distressed angry sad and worried looks on my mum, dad, little sister, big sister, and community by not placing the water treatment plant in Parker Road.


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